Nugget Ice and Water Station
Water dispenser with integrated Opal nugget ice so you can have your ice and eat it too! This concept uses one pump to fill for both the dispenser and ice maker. No more manual re-filling!
Opal Nugget Ice Maker Magnetic Ice Scoop Holder
Opal Nugget Ice Maker -Magnetic Ice Scoop Holder -A plastic fork with neodymium magnet to be placed on the side of the unit to hold an ice scoop!
English Pronunciation and Dictating System
A system that can correct and improve asian English learners' pronunciation, dictating and conversation skills in a short period of time. This will help people communicate better no matter where they're from.
Cold brew coffee maker for home and commercial
I'd like to build a cold brew coffee maker, similar to Prisma, for home and commercial uses.
Sou Vide Smoker
The Sou Vide Smoker would control air flow or gas flow to effect temperature on a smoker/grill/cooker. An Arduino or other micro controller could be used as a PID controller.
Hidden kitchen ladder
Being short with tall cabinets and being inspired by the tuck away ramp on my delivery truck, I'm imaging a fold over ladder that doubles in height but tucks away in the cabinet toe kick space.
Over the Range Steam Oven and Vent Hood
I have many customers come to me not wanting microwaves cause they have read its bad for them. How about a steam oven over the range vent? Majority of US homes have the microwaves over the range.
Empty Pocket Detector
Add detect device in washer to make sure the pocket is empty to avoid damage money or expensive thing during wash cloth.
Smart locks for home and commercial and more
I'd like to build smart lock systems for home, baggages & commercial. Theses smart should be able to unlock by means of code, bluetooth, finger-print, mobile APPs and more, if possible.
Simple Chilled Tea Maker
A cold Teapot. A simple picher. On the bottom, a removable filter to place tea bags or loose tea leaves. In the top, a removable cooler (which cools in the freezer). Chilled tea without melting ice.