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I've recently purchased a Victorian brick home which is full of projects!  I have several large windows and some windows along angled walls.  Curtain rods were difficult to find or ridiculously expensive for custom ordering, so I decided to make my own.

I started with 1/2" electrical conduit (available in 10-ft lengths for less than $3 at my local hardware store.  Windows on flat walls were easy- just measure the desired distance and use a tubing cutter to cut to length.  For the curved walls, I measured the angle of the wall and distance and custom formed the conduit on a tubing bender.

For the finials (end caps of curtain rods), I was looking for something fleur-de-lis, which is the symbol of the city of Louisville and particularly popular in my Victorian neighborhood.  Searching Thingiverse, I found a great file ( someone had scanned from an iron gate cap.  I was able to scale the part in makerware and used the Makerbot Replicator II to print in ABS.

I wanted the steel rods and plastic end caps to match and was looking for something rustic and metallic.  I settled on the Rustoleum's flat chestnut metallic.  I painted the parts individually and touched up after 24 hours.  After another 24 hours, they were dry enough to hang.  I bought used vintage curtain brackets on eBay and paid about $15 for 10 mismatched pieces.  I divided the bracket styles they would match within each room.  Wood screw were easy for most, but plaster wells required careful predrilling with a small bit.   The depth of the brackets were adjustable, which came in particularly handy to get the angled rods to fit!

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