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Ahhh...grilled food. There is no other cooking process that adequately reproduces the flavor imparted by blazing, radiant heat under a searing hot grid-iron. The variety of foods that respond well to grilling ranges from meat and veggies to bread and fruit. We want to make grilling as accessible as baking or boiling a pot of water. And to be clear, we’re not talking about a panini maker.

Grilling is a major part of the American lifestyle. A 2013 study shows that 80 percent of all US households own a grill or smoker. Nearly half of grill owners consider their outdoor grill as a functional extension of their kitchen. Yet the most popular times for grilling remain Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day.* Grilling can become a regular part of an aspiring chef’s cooking toolkit, independent of the weather, the season, or access to space for a grill. To make this happen a design must address some of the deep engineering challenges associated with indoor grilling:

●  Smoke and air quality management

●  Handling of flare-ups

●  Controlling grease splatter

●  Residual cleanliness and off-duty appearance

We saw what our FirstBuild Community conceptualized for our first challenge - the Micro-Kitchen Challenge - and we know you already have great ideas cooking up for indoor grilling.

Your indoor grill concept is the beginning of a journey that will end with a working product. If your design or concept is the best, we want to you help guide our community of engineers, designers, and enthusiasts through the process of crafting a prototype that aligns with your vision. As a winner of this challenge, you will receive a cash prize and the opportunity to see your product change the lives of cooking aficionados everywhere.

The Challenge:

Design a kitchen appliance that helps solve the challenges keeping you from harnessing the speed and power of outdoor grilling indoors. This could be a free-standing range, a cooktop, or an appliance category of your own invention, as long as it solves the underlying challenges. 

Go check out the requirements for additional information.

Ignition Kit File Downloads


●  Must be safe for use indoors

●  Must be a permanently installed appliance or a modular feature added to an installed appliance


●  Standard grilling surface height is 36 inches.

●  You tell us how much grill space you want. The appliance should be no larger than a typical range or cooktop.

●  There are many possible burner technologies: open gas burner, infrared, electric. If electric, maximum power rating should be 220V / 30A.

●  Cooking speed and quality should be comparable to an outdoor grill.

Additional Deliverables
  • Optional Video Presentation
    • Explain your selection and layout of heating components including:
      • Selection of heating technology
      • Energy rating (BTU/hr, Watts, or other)
    • Your winning design will be the starting point for developing an actual product.  Take into account the underlying engineering challenges that apply to indoor grilling.  Provide a written explanation of how your design will accommodate:
      • Smoke and air quality management
      • Handling of flare-ups
      • Controlling grease splatter
      • Residual cleanliness and off-duty appearance
    • Max 1000 words

Challenge Terms and Conditions

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